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EDDS: Texas' Top-Rated Solar Company

Electric Distribution and Design Systems is recognized as one of the leading solar companies in the United States, boasting over 40 years of experience as Texas’ licensed and insured solar power supplier. We are dedicated to equipping Fairview, TX, with sustainable, high-quality energy solutions using cutting-edge power technology. Feel free to reach out to us to discover more about our comprehensive range of solar and alternative energy solutions!

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Why Work With EDDS?

EDDS is a renowned solar energy firm with national recognition and decades of experience supporting communities in Texas, including Fairview. Our service is distinguished by our deep expertise, and our brand is established on our dedication to providing attentive support. Our objective is to aid everyday residents in Fairview in making investments for the future, cutting costs, and lessening their environmental impact simultaneously. What sets us apart are the following distinctive qualities:

Decades of Experience

EDDS was founded by Master Electrician Thomas Edds in 1982, and has been a leading energy installer in Texas ever since.

Licensed & Insured

Along with holding licenses in Electrical Contracting and Master Electricians, we also provide insured services at no risk to you.

Attention to detail

Every service is completed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you get the help you need without worrying that something is missing.

Customer Service

Our commitment to quality means you get a more personal approach to your energy servicing.

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Best Renewable Company

A premier source of solar materials for manufacturers in Fairview, TX

Powering the Future: Your Top Choice for Solar Solutions. Leading supplier of solar materials and comprehensive solar services.

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Make Appointment Now And Building A Sustainable Future

We employ a diversified approach to providing renewable energy technologies and load reduction expertise.

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We Complete Every Step Carefully

Meticulous Solar Services. Trust us for a flawless, step-by-step solar solution. Go green with confidence.


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Make an appointment to get the optimal solution to your problem.


Consultation Project

Quix Solar provides certified and professional installation in addition to consultation services.


Installation System

We have been installing premium solar energy systems on residential, commercial, and industrial projects since 2010.


Execution Project

We develop, implement and support projects because we care about your future.


What They Says About Us

Discover what our satisfied customers have to say about our exceptional solar services. Join them in going green today!

Gül Doğan
Gül Doğan
EDDS is genuinely unique due to their commitment to client happiness. They kept in constant contact with me during the project, answering any queries or worries I had and updating me on developments. The entire process was stress-free and joyful because of their expertise and dedication to excellence, which were visible in every interaction.
Jack Day
Jack Day
The installation process went off without a hitch. The EDDS crew was well-prepared, showed up on time, and kept their workstation tidy and orderly the whole project. Every facet of their work demonstrated their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety procedures. They managed the intricate electrical update with amazing accuracy and speed, making sure my daily schedule was not too disrupted.
Joshua Tremblay
Joshua Tremblay
The technical support provided by the team behind Electric Distribution and Design Systems is exceptional, offering prompt assistance and valuable insights.
maryum qrg
maryum qrg
They just installed high-quality solar batteries at my place. Thank you guys.
Hashim Islam
Hashim Islam
The best guy for the solar installation in Tx right now
Kim Miller
Kim Miller
Kudos to Thomas Edds for his dedication to providing exceptional solar services for my office. Thank you, Thomas.
Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace
I appreciate the transparent solar estimates provided by Thomas and his team. No hidden costs!
Mark Quayle
Mark Quayle
I reached out for a solar estimate, and the response from Thomas was just overwhelming. Their pricing is competitive, and they provide clear, detailed estimates.
William Marple
William Marple
Thomas and his crew did an amazing job with the solar battery setup at my house. They walked me through all the choices, making sure I understood the advantages of each one. With their help, I picked the perfect battery system for storing energy. Thanks to them, I now have the freedom of generating my own energy. Big thanks to Thomas and his team for their excellent solar battery help!