Are You in the Dark About Solar Panel Problems?

You need a solar panel repair in Garland, TX

You want your solar panels to continue working at top capacity, but wind, rain and hail can take a toll on your system. Luckily, Electric Distribution and Design Systems performs solar panel repair and cleaning in Garland, TX. You can count on us to detach and reset your panels to optimize their energy intake. Maybe your system is covered in dirt and dust. A solar panel cleaning service will clear away disruptive grime.

Do you need a solar panel repair or cleaning service? Ask one of our knowledgeable team members now by calling 214-679-5458.

Get to the root of your solar power problems

Are your energy bills getting unexpectedly high? Maybe you can see dirt on your panels from the ground. These are signs that you need a solar panel cleaning or repair service. Our team of experts can examine your system and diagnose any potential issues. We'll then provide an effective solution custom to your building.

Don't let the lights go out-consult a solar energy contractor from Electric Distribution and Design Systems in Garland, TX today.